World Credit Currency 


Total Supply - 21,000,000,000 BTCM

Forex: 1000 BTCM / 1 BTC / £24,454.27GBP / $30,338.40USD / € 27,614.32EUR  

Bitmonem,  A Peer-to-Peer Global Credit Currency

By Satoshi Nakamoto

Coomonworld Single Currency

Solar Powered Mining 

BTCM mining sequence

Bitmonem Mining Rig

Connecting .....................

Bitmonem IDN: M1.000000000000

Block Mined: 318,577

Block Incentive- 1000 BTCM

Bitmonem Hash Rate ^170% Up

We are back to business

Bitmonem Network 

Connect your Mobile phone to mine Bitmonem - contact for secure connection. 

Backed by Bitcoin 

Powered by Blockchain

Decentralized Digital Banking 

One 2 One Transaction

GNID KYC Authenticity 

GNID Miner

Connected: 1


Economic Slogan: 'Bitcoin-Bitmonem'

We are ready 

Bitcoin Bull Designed by Satoshi Nakamoto  5 April 2007

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