Right Name of Digital Money  called 'Bitmonem' by Satoshi Nakamoto 

Staff Report by  Josef Nostradamus

Haifa, Israel

Bitcoin Monem is the new world single currency  which is actually called 'Bitmonem' a perfect name for digital money. The word money originally came from a Sumerian word 'monem' mean God of Wealth, a benevolent Lord of the City of Babylon. 

Satoshi Nakamoto the inventor of Bitcoin and Blockchain has created the first Commonworld Credit Currency called Bitmonem. He has started mining Bitmonem and opening a door for the ordinary people to mine Bitmonem with their Mobile Phone. 

He has formatted a total supply of 21 billion units of Bitmonem which is nick named  as Bitcoin Monem  but he has shortened it as 'BTCM'.  Each block of Bitmonem reward from the Coinbase is 1000 BTCM that has the exchange rate with 1 Bitcoin.  Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin and Bitmonem to innovate finance with Blockchain technology.  

Bitmonem is the perfect kind of digital credit currency that easily you can identify as the real money that you can convert into Bitcoin or Fiat currency or Gold easily. Bitmonem is the stable money that has a great features. No one can hack or burn it. it never get stolen by any one. If lose access to it you can find it back using your GNID. Only you need to create your own GNID to sign it digitally. Bitmonem is powered by the Blockchain and you actually can  create your custom build Bitcoin address with your GNID and use for both Bitcoin and Bitmonem. 

This was the first image of Satoshi Nakamoto the inventor of Bitcoin and Blockchain. The long bearded elderly man is Satoshi Nakamoto the Bitcoin King of Samurai. 

According to the prophecy of Nostradamus, Satoshi Nakamoto is the invisible man, who has come from the future of mankind and causing the financial climate change according to astronomical movement. 

Some people believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is an AI but other believe that he is the God of Money known as Lord Monem in the Sumerian God of Wealth.  Some people think he is a Japanese man as his name is seems like Japanese Samurai. 

I am Satoshi Nakamoto, I am  a Japanese Samurai. Some people will believe me, some people won't believe me, said Satoshi Nakamoto the Honourable Bitcoin King of Hokkaido Island.  Who knows how to create money computationally with SHA-256. He uses Cryptography to secure the mining process this is why he called the electronic cash as cryptocurrency.